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Global Climate Strike

Alnwick: YouthStrike4Climate Alnwick III

Friday, September 20, 9:00 AM
Opposite Willowburn Car Park
Willowburn Avenue
Alnwick, England, NE66 2JH, United Kingdom
On the 20th September, students and young people will strike from school to demand action on the climate catastrophe. The protest officially begins at around 9:00 opposite the Willowburn car park, near the roundabout. Finding it won't be a problem because some local students will already be there from 8:00 onward. Please feel free to gather there with them from that time if you can to get the attention of school buses. Around 9:15 we will move into the center of Alnwick, we will move around to tourist destinations like the Marketplace, Gardens and Tenantry Column. At around 12:00 it officially ends in the center of Alnwick but a number of us will move back to where it started for a bit longer before returning to school or, for others, going home. Please bring placards, banners etc. if you can. This protest will be 100% peaceful but will contain minor disruption such as a bit of chanting and shouting. This time, adults can also strike from their work and join the youth strike.