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Global Power Up

Power Up Calgary for The World We Want!

2023-11-04, 14:00
City Hall Plaza
CALGARY, Alberta, T2G5E6, Canada
(We'll show you the exact address once you RSVP)
We’re calling on governments to use all financial means possible to reclaim the excessive profits of the fossil fuel industries.

Whether through taxes, by ending subsidies and by stopping all investments in old and new fossil fuel projects, they must use this money to power up the global renewable energy revolution, that is fair and distributes resources equitably around the world. Let's power up the future we want! Join us.

Our demands of the federal government are simple:

PAY UP - seize the wealth and power of the fossil fuel industry: tax unjust corporate profits, stop all subsidies and new fossil fuel projects, implement hard caps on emissions, and keep industry influence out of our politics.

POWER UP - unleash the money to fund a just transition: redirect financial resources towards generating millions of unionized jobs, shifting us to 100% renewable energy, following Indigenous leadership, and rapidly decarbonizing the entire economy in line with climate science.

The world demands a just transition. We do not seek to simply replace one broken energy system with another by transferring power between or within transnational corporations. This means:

- Frontline and Indigenous communities getting the space and power to lead;

- Workers being supported to transition to a green economy that works for all;

- New economic systems and energy ownership models that redistribute power from private hands to the public good, from the few to the many;

- The corporations and countries that generated this crisis paying their fair share to address it.