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Global Divestment Mobilisation

Divestment has proven to be one of the most powerful weapons we have in the fight for climate justice.

By shifting public support away from the fossil fuel industry, divestment campaigns have been breaking the hold that fossil fuel companies have on our economy and our governments and make room for real climate solutions.

It means moving money from climate destruction.

From record heat and extreme floods and droughts, to stronger and more frequent storms, climate impacts continue to devastate the livelihoods of communities all around the world, disproportionately threatening those who have done the least to contribute to the crisis.

The fossil fuel industry is perpetuating the climate crisis they have spent the last half a century funding climate denial front groups and orchestrating a deception campaign to block climate action. It is investments in the fossil fuel industry that fund climate impacts.

Though they know full well the damage they are doing, the fossil fuel industry is still searching for more coal, more oil and more gas to burn. Every exploratory drilling operation, every new permit for a new gas field or mine are irresponsible acts that contradict the climate agreement world leaders made in Paris and put all of us in danger.

Climate impacts are taking us into uncharted territory and climate action by governments is not happening quickly enough to ensure we avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis. Divestment is a concrete way to expedite the response and actively build the world we need where people and planet are safeguarded.

Between May 5 and 13 2017, thousands of us will take action for Global Divestment Mobilization and we need you to help by holding an event in your community. Global Divestment Mobilization will be our opportunity to highlight the real impact that fossil fuels are having on our climate and communities.

Register your event and we will be in touch with all the information you need to hold a powerful Global Divestment Mobilization action.



What's involved in holding a Global Divestment Mobilization action?

There are many different types of actions that you could organise, depending on your experience and time. You could gather supporters for a photo at an iconic location near your campaign target, hold a rally or a march or even use this opportunity to escalate your campaign and put more pressure on your target. There are more action ideas in our Organising Guide.

When should I hold my event?

Whatever day between May 5 and 13 works best for you and your campaign.

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