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Break Free from Fossil Fuels 2018

Break Free From Sulphur dioxide emissions

Friday, May 25, 2:00 PM
Copperbelt University Hall
Kitwe, Zambia
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The event will be conducted at the Copperbelt University. We want to stage out an advocacy campaign in the ending of sulphur dioxide that comes from the burning of fossil fuels on the mining plant in Mufulira as well as the wood based industries in Ndola. We want to create awareness on the dangers of sulfur to the environment as well as to the lives of people. The area around Mufulira in Zambia has no vegetation growing because of this same problem of sulfur emmisions. We the students in Environmental management feel they are more renewable sources of energy that can be used that can avoid much production of sulfur dioxide mostly at the mines as well as the wood based industries such as pulp and paper industries. The event will have students brainstorming the ways of reducing this as well as sensitizing the community, industries as well on the dangers of fossil fuel pollution through social media and other Chanel's of social change.