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Break Free from Fossil Fuels 2018

AntiCoal Khanga show

Friday, May 25, 9:00 AM
Mwanaarafa Hall
Lamu, Kenya
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The ‘Khanga’ is a woman’s cloth worn in different styles carrying meanings ranging from demonstrating one’s modesty, eliciting jealousy to other women, to inviting a husband to bed. Many khanga styles are given Swahili names including ‘ushungi’, ‘kibwebwe’, ‘and Mangea’ and ‘kanga kifua’. The most popular style is ‘ushungi’. As ‘ushungi’ is associated with modesty, women rarely go in public without it.Khangas have messages written and are often worn by women during political rallies and elections to mobilize political party follows and invite new members. They are also used in advocacy and social mobilization in health and other social sectors.Since most of the affected people due to the proposed Coal power plant in Lamu are women we have used one of the women traditional attire as a non verbal means of communication on the effect of coal.Other activities will include the debate competition and Dhow race. Debate competition will include school pupils talking on the theme"Is Coal an Option for Lamu community?", this session will have opposers and proposers.A dhow is one of the Lamu cultural heritage which is used as a means of transport it has a stack that which will be used to bring on the information bout coal and also have some of the logo of partners organization of this fight.