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Break Free from Fossil Fuels 2018

Break Free From Fossil Fuels and Embrace Renewable Energy

Friday, May 25, 9:00 AM
GIFSEP -Febson Mall Abuja.
Abuja, Nigeria
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350 Nigeria- Abuja, will hold a Press Conference featuring people from a coal mining affected community and a training of volunteers on Non Violent Direct Action and Environmental justice. The event will bring together the press from TV, radio and the print media to listen and share to the public the experience of community members affected by coal meaning in Nigeria. There will a short presentation on Renewable Energy followed by the Training of volunteers for Non Violent Direct Action. The aim of this event is to sum up the importance of bringing the effects of coal mining to the surface of our consciousness and the general public. In addition, it will also help drive future narratives on environmental, health cost of coal power generation will be for Nigeria. At the end of the actions, as more people are made aware of these issues, they will be able to utilize this knowledge and push for policies that are better for the environment and the Nigerian people as well.