UPDATE: This action has ben CANCELLED. 

Read Bill McKibben's letter to find out why. 


Artists Rendering of Ice Sculpture
Artists rendering of DC ice sculpture. 

The climate denialists still reign in Washington DC -- and the media isn't connecting the dots on climate change. 

So on Saturday we’re going to DC to deliver a message to the climate deniers. In fact, the sun is going to deliver the message -- we’re just going to help. We're planning on setting up gigantic blocks of ice that say "Hoax?" We'll invite DC media and pundits to see just how long it takes to melt away. Not long, probably -- the forecast is for over 100 degrees on Saturday. 

The stories and images coming out from areas afflicted by this latest round of extreme weather are heart-wrenching -- that's why we're sending 50% of the money we raise to the Red Cross to provide direct relief to people impacted by the recent climate disasters. 

To make a quick donation directly to the Red Cross, text "REDCROSS" to 90999 or click here.