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Minister Carr, 

During the election campaign, you and your party promised to overhaul pipeline reviews to consider climate change, listen to communities and respect community voices. Your colleagues, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Burnaby Member of Parliament Terry Beech, promised a new review for the Kinder Morgan pipeline. 

I'm calling to ask that you suspend or cancel these hearings until new pipeline review rules are put in place that include:

  1. A comprehensive review of climate impacts in line with Canada's global commitments in Paris.
  2. The meaningful inclusion of community voices in the review processes, starting with a reversal of the changes to pipeline reviews made under Stephen Harper.
  3. Respect for Indigenous Peoples' rights in line with Canada's commitment to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Any pipeline reviews that go forward without these changes undermine the promises made on the campaign trail and raise questions about whether this government is taking climate change, listening to communities and respecting Indigenous rights seriously. 

You can't fix a broken car while you're driving, and you can't repair public trust in Canada's environmental regulation while approving pipelines using Stephen Harper's review process. 

Please suspend or cancel these reviews until the overhaul is complete and the public can trust that their concerns, climate science and Indigenous rights are being adequately considered. 

Thank you. 

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The Government of Canada promised  to include climate change and to respect community voices – especially First Nations – in pipeline reviews. Now, with the next round of National Energy Board hearings set to start on January 19th, they are breaking that promise and refusing to suspend or cancel the reviews of the Energy East and Kinder Morgan Trans-Mountain pipelines. 

The Minister of Natural Resources has the power to stop these hearings, but we need to let him know that people across Canada are not going to let them break their promises.  

Update: We're hearing reports that Minister Carr's mailbox is full. Great job! If you weren't able to get through, please try again tomorrow morning.