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President Macron: No Funding for TOTAL

This November, the French government is hosting a summit where public development banks that control $2 trillion of public money will talk about “COVID and climate change”. 

French President Emmanuel Macron hopes this summit will make him look good in front of the media and his peers. But at the same time, he considers pouring more public money into TOTAL’s project to drill in the Arctic. Add your name to send an email to French President Macron and his advisors.

To stop the climate crisis, we need to turn off the money tap to dirty fossil fuel projects.

The Summit is the perfect opportunity to set an example for banks and governments, and President Macron is going to be sensitive about how he is talked about. Let’s use it to hold him accountable to his promise to act on climate change. 

Send a message to French President Macron asking him to pull his support for dirty fossil fuel projects. Your name will be added and sent along with the email to the President and his advisors ahead of the Finance in Common summit.

The French government is in talks with TOTAL to fund a dirty fossil gas project in the Arctic. This huge gas project aims to produce and export the equivalent of 7 billion barrels of oil, 12 times France’s annual consumption. 

This isn’t the only dirty project TOTAL is getting public funds for. The company is on track to set up Africa’s biggest oil project project in Mozambique, a country that is already facing the climate crisis in full swing. 

There is a pattern with fossil fuel projects. Rich countries give money to companies who then exploit the land, abuse resources, and violate human rights in countries on the other end of the world. 

The finance system fuels climate breakdown which is destroying our communities. We must stop big banks and investors from propping up toxic fossil fuels. In 2021, we are going to hold them to account for every project and push every rule. 


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