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Michael Dixon2014-08-31 13:37:21United States
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Mary Shetterly2014-08-24 19:33:34United States
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Lauren Miller2014-08-21 13:03:58United States
Stefanie Spear2014-08-20 14:47:08United States
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Carol2014-08-19 11:48:27United States
Edwina Vogan2014-08-19 05:51:01United States
Jess Moore2014-08-18 18:21:53United States
Jonathan2014-08-18 17:32:28United States
Art Roberts2014-08-17 15:20:45United States
Dani Glaser2014-08-17 10:32:41United States
Ikopi Moleko Gabriel Marcel2014-08-16 20:59:50Congo, DR
Glenna Thomas2014-08-16 19:24:23United States
Aayam Poudel2014-08-16 15:15:32Nepal
Beth Zigmund2014-08-16 14:54:58United States
Carol alt2014-08-16 10:59:27United States
Gloria Mog2014-08-16 03:58:10United States
Cheric Patchirel BITSINDOU2014-08-15 15:02:29Republic of the Congo
Cecelia Wright2014-08-15 03:38:31United States
Whitney Starks2014-08-15 02:23:55United States
Gerlie KIESSA2014-08-13 12:39:43Congo - Brazzaville
Gerlie KIESSA2014-08-13 12:39:22Congo - Brazzaville
Stefanie Spear2014-08-12 14:17:01United States
Huck Fairman2014-08-12 01:17:13United States
Sara Redmond2014-08-11 13:07:40Australia
Liz Carr2014-08-09 15:38:46United States
Diane Pienta2014-08-09 04:13:18United States
Carol Windrum2014-08-08 23:15:08United States