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Global Power Shift (GPS) is a planetary-scale project to spark a new wave of climate action around the world.

Here's the plan:

Phase 1: In June of 2013, 500 young climate leaders gathered in Istanbul, Turkey for a week of intensive training, strategising, and preparations.

Phase 2: National teams will work on scaling up the climate movement through regional convergences, strategic campaigns, and grassroots mobilisations. These events will be launchpads for new, highly-coordinated efforts targeting political and corporate power to achieve bold climate action. Working together, we will truly shift the power and spark the kind of visionary transformation we need to fight the climate crisis.

To make this work, we all need to work together -- so sign the pledge on this page to let us know you're ready to create a Global Power Shift and we will keep you informed of our national (and global!) plans.

 (Learn more at www.GlobalPowerShift.org)