Digging into Fossil Fuel Divestment

Are you interested in moving your money out of coal, oil and gas but discovering it’s complex? Maybe you’re finding that some of the companies investing in fossil fuels are also big investors in renewable energy or that it's hard to find fossil free options because so many Australian companies are tied up in fossil fuels? Perhaps you are concerned about the loss of resource-sector jobs that divestment might cause or maybe you’re unsure whether you would be fulfilling your fiduciary duty if you went down the divestment path? Divestment is a powerful way to take action on climate change but it also raises many questions. That's why 350.org Australia and the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change are hosting a free webinar to provide you with more information and support to smooth your pathway to becoming fossil free. 


  • Karen McLeod - Certified Financial Adviser, Ethical Investment Advisers
  • Adam Verwey - Future Superannuation & Investments
  • Thea Ormerod - Chair, Australian Religious Response to Climate Change

MC'ed by Charlie Wood, Campaigns Director, 350.org Australia 


Thursday 15th May at either 2pm or 7:30pm - choose the time that suits you best.

Joining the Webinar

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