To the G20:

We urge you to honor your previous commitments to end taxpayer handouts to the fossil fuel industry. To save our planet we need a game-changer now -- we call on you to end all polluter payments now.


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We need the G20 to stop funding fossil fuels -- a decision they themselves took 5 years ago but failed to enforce since then.

This year G20 governments will once again hand nearly hundreds of billions of dollars in government subsidies to the coal, gas, and oil industries -- six times as much money as we invest in renewable energy -- and despite agreeing to stop doing it 5 years ago.

Ending these subsidies would be a giant step towards solving the climate crisis, saving gigatonnes of carbon dioxide emissions and helping make clean energy cheaper than fossil fuels.

Sign on to call on the G20 to heed their own decisions and #StopFundingFossils now.

Image by:G20 Russian Presidency, photographic library