Subsidy Fail

We need real action from world leaders  -- starting with the issue of fossil fuel subsidies. 

This year our governments will hand nearly hundreds of billions of dollars in government subsidies to the coal, gas, and oil industries -- twelve times as much money as we invest in renewable energy.

Ending these subsidies could actually take a giant step towards solving the climate crisis, saving gigatonnes of carbon dioxide emissions and helping make clean energy cheaper than fossil fuels. 

Sign on and we'll ramp up the pressure around the world to end these subsidies. 

UPDATE: Over a million people have now signed on to petitions (with us our our global partners like calling for an end to fossil fuel subsidies -- either with or with our partners. We'll delivered your signatures and are continuing our campaign around the world. 

To World Leaders:

As concerned global citizens, we urge you to honour your previous commitments to end taxpayer handouts to the fossil fuel industry. To save our planet we need a game-changer now -- we call on you ending all subsidies and handouts to the fossil fuel industry, and use that money to help build the green economy instead.


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