Dilma: Save the Rio Earth Summit!

The fate of the Rio Earth Summit hangs in the balance -- and Brazil's President Dilma has the power to save it by pushing for a global agreement end to fossil fuel subsidies. 

There are now over a million people calling on world leaders to end the one trillion dollars in global fossil fuel subsidies -- and over 100K people joined a historic "TwitterStorm" to amplify that message. Ending fossil fuel subsidies (and investing that money in clean energy instead) would help create green jobs and fight climate change. What's more, a breakthrough of the issue of fossil fuel subsidies could mean that something is salvaged from the Rio Earth Summit -- so it doesn't end up like just another big global conference with lots of talk but no action. 

Brazil’s Dilma is hosting the summit and has the power to reopen discussions and demand a timeline for ending fossil fuel subsidies -- but if she doesn't feel the pressure of a global movement she might just accept the weak language of the draft agreement.

The talks in Rio end in just three days -- sign on now and we'll deliver your message in Brazil and help End Fossil Fuel Subsidies once and for all. 

UPDATE, June 25th: 

The Earth Summit in Rio has come to an end -- with a fizzle, not a bang. World leaders have once again failed to deliver an agreement that has the strength or ambition we need rise to the challenge of the climate crisis. The text of the final agreement included a limp "invitation" for countries to end only "inefficient subsidies" -- but there was no definition of "inefficient" nor a timeline or accountability for phasing them out.

But there's also good news: together, people around the world have put a global spotlight on the arcane issue of fossil fuel subsidies. It's now at the center of the political debate. This movement is growing fast, and we'll be shaking things up in the weeks and months ahead. Stay tuned. 

Tell Brazil President Dilma Rousseff:

"As concerned global citizens, we call on you to save the Rio summit by re-opening talks to end fossil fuel subsidies. The text that negotiators have agreed to has no commitments, timelines, or enforcement mechanisms, just an “invitation” for countries to end polluter handouts. It’s too weak to stop the nearly one trillion dollars government give to dirty coal, oil and gas each year. We urge you to save the Earth Summit and the planet by delivering a real deal to end fossil fuel subsidies."


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