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“Turn up the heat on the politicians so the heat is not turned up on our children! ” Oliver Garratt, Australia
“I have only just checked out this video.....well done guys. You speak and act for so many Australians and I support you all the way. Pity our Government won't take action.” Janice Craven, Australia
“Peoples Parliament” Diana Frank, Australia
“I support the people's parliament, as they are not just a richmans club feeding bread crumbs to us all” Patrick Woodman, Australia
“Fantastic job!” Gaby Judd, Australia
“People before unhealthy, unprofitable Environmentally challenging Polluters , it is time for safe clean healthy technology which we do have. We support the supporters for a clean future not fossil fuel pollution” Jacqueline Franklin, Australia
“Well done...let's keep the pressure on the politicians.” Hilary Stewart, Australia
“Hey people light love and power don't relent” Jason Clark, Australia
“Hello and thank you. I feel inspired by what you have done. It gives me a glimmer of hope. Prayers that folks everywhere will do things like this and more!” Holly Glaser, United States
“Well Done, keep up the good work” Penelope Ann Carrier, Australia
“It was indeed an exciting and empowering climate action which generated lots of positive media. Congrats to all my colleague activists! This will inspire many more to take peaceful direct action and demand that politicians go 100% clean renewable energy by 2040!!” Mr Phil J Bradley, Australia
“Thank you fellow Humans. We must all contribute to our planet's health.” Lani, Australia
“So inspired to see people coming together to stand (or sit rather!) before government and fight for citizen rights. Wish I could be there to sit alongside you all.” Kirsty Workman, Australia
“You guys are an inspiration and I fully support the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy! Keep up the fantastic work! ” Brooke, Australia
“It a very great thing you are all doing. Please continue. Wish I was there too.” Miro Hodza, Australia
“I had many friends there! I felt proud when I saw their fces in the media! Keep up doing the good work & hope to join you next time! :-)” Fatima Ghani, Australia
“good on ya, fantastic effort, we are all behind you.” Robert Jackson, Australia
“The time is now to put people before polluters whose world catastrophies continue to grow, mining deeply affecting peoples lives, their land, their use of that land, the health of the people and animals, the massive environment, water and food losses, the CO2 emissions from fossil fuel mining. For Earth, Humanity, Environment and Climate Change keep fossil fuel in the ground for keeps, We love our Earth and what it gives us, we cannot eat coal and gas, most importantly we have good clean safe technologies for total replacement, most of all we need the democratic right returned to land owners to say no to mining if not in their personal interest, further, we need a Peoples Parliament now it was not designed or meant to be a controlled by a Polluters Parliament whose views maybe against the National voting peoples requirements Examples: Farmers, Horse Trainers, Wine any and all other National Industries . We have various choice technologies Solar, Solar Thermal, Geo Thermal, Wind, Wave and other that are healthy safe and cost effective.” Jacqueline Franklin, Australia
“The rest of the world is watching, and you have my support.” John Vaughan-Williams, Australia
“I love this. It is so unjust that to do the right thing now, we may need to do another 'wrong' thing. But things are not black and white - there are degrees of wrong and some 'wrongs' shouldn't be wrongs at all. How is it so that standing up for peace, justice, health & happiness for everyone, is considered to be wrong? Let's change that. ” Rickie-Lee, Australia
“People's Parliament.... What a great idea, a parliament that puts it's people and the good of our country ahead of polluters and wealth stealers, A Parliament with a vision for the future of the country and it's people and not just the next election.” margaret Lindsay, Australia
“Thank you for standing up and speaking up” Gwen Sutherland, Australia
“Great work guys, we need action on climate change now before it's too late! The politicians need to stand up and take notice, the Australian people demand action!” Angela Stewart, Australia
“Thank you. You are really getting it right! Please let me know where all of your future actions will be so that I can attend if possible!” Hilary Joy, Australia
“Yes, enough of big businesses running the government and subsiding fossil fuels and perks for their rich mates. You are supposed to represent US, we the people, and thou are doing a very poor job of it. Thamks to all the people who represented us on the day.” Odille Esmonde-Morgan, Australia