Call your Senators to stop the tax scam

The Senate is going to vote today or tomorrow on a bill that would give the fossil fuel industry a massive tax break. To pay for this giveaway, Congress wants to sell the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to Big Oil. This dirty deal would extend write offs on pipelines, drills, mines and refineries at the same time as it reduces incentives for renewables — throwing fossil fuel executives a lifeline as they increase taxes on clean energy.

If this tax scam passes, it would be Trump’s first major legislative victory in his first year in office, but he still doesn’t have the votes to pass this dirty deal. Right now, a few key undecided Senators could make the difference. 

Do you have two minutes to spare today? Call your Senator today and urge to vote no on Trump’s tax scam.

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What to say:

I’m (YOUR NAME) from (TOWN/PART OF STATE), and I'm calling to urge my Senator to vote “NO” on the tax bill.

This bill includes drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and other giveaways to the fossil fuel industry.

Our children’s future, the future of our state, and the future of our entire planet depend on moving away from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy.

Please vote “NO” on the tax bill.
Thanks you!