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Hi, my name is [[YOUR NAME]], and I'm calling to say that I oppose HB2615, and want a stop to hydrofracking until the process can be proven safe by an independent health study. The current bill is too lenient and too reckless, and I encourage you to reconsider your support.

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Illinois is on the verge of becoming ground zero for hydrofracking – a dangerous extractive process that uses millions of gallons of water and toxic chemicals to fracture layers of rock and release natural gas. The oil industry could be only months away from drilling wells in our backyard.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Governor Pat Quinn helped broker a deal with the oil and gas industry to open up the state to this dangerous process, disguised as regulatory bill HB2615, which is up for a vote in the State House this week.

Can you call Attorney General Madigan and Governor Quinn today, and tell them to put a moratorium on drilling to investigate its full climate and health impacts?